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Fireball Spotted In the Sky Above Texas

Several people reported seeing a fireball in the sky over Texas Sunday morning, the Associated Press reports.
The Federal Aviation Administration received numerous calls Sunday morning from people reporting sonic booms and what appeared to be a fireball streaking across the morning sky. The calls came from an area that included Dallas and Austin.
The incidents are believed to be space debris re-entering the earth's atmosphere. The debris is the result of a collision between U.S. and Russian satellites that took place on Tuesday above Siberia.
The satellites collided at around 6 miles per second, an impact that could produce between 500 and 600 pieces of space debris, the U.S. Strategic Command told CNN.
The FAA had issued a warning to U.S. pilots Saturday that told them to watch for “falling space debris� CNN announced.
Currently there have been no reports of ground strikes or aircraft interference, the FAA said.