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Minnesota Will Receive Over $2 Billion From Stimulus Package

Minnesota could gain over $3 billion from the national stimulus bill, the Star Tribune reported Thursday. The Pioneer Press reported the figure to be closer to $2 billion.
Officials say that the bill will also create or retain over 66,000 jobs for the state and that the cash will be spread over almost every sector of the state budget, with money going to roads, bridges, schools, health care, local government and more.
Over a third of the budget is going to tax cuts and individuals can expect to see up to $400 per individual or $800 jointly, with more tax credits for school-age and college children.
In addition to tax cuts, Minnesota will receive at least $29 million to use on road and bridge projects, many of which will begin over the summer.
The money will help Minnesota try to trim a budget deficit that is expected to reach $7 billion by March, according to the Pioneer Press.
House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, DFL-Minneapolis, thought that although “a lot of the details are not as crisp as we would like,? there seems to be much more flexibility than state officials initially thought.
Kelliher also said that any state that could not find enough projects to spend half the money they receive will have to return it to the government to be redistributed among other states.