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Stimulus Bill Passed

President Barack Obama and Congress have finally agreed on the value of the stimulus bill.
According to CNN, congressional negotiators said Wednesday that the two sides had agreed upon $789 billion in emergency tax cuts and spending.
The giant stimulus package is the government's attempt to to reverse a deep recession. The package has about 36% of the money headed towards tax cuts and the remaining going towards increased spending, Reuters reports.
The measure had been stalled because the two houses were unable to agree between an $820 billion House bill and an $838 billion Senate proposal, with the president setting Monday as the deadline to get a bill passed.
The bill had little support from Republicans, and although Democrats control both Congress chambers, it took support from a handful of moderate Republicans to make it through both houses.
In order to ease Republican concerns, negotiators in the House and Senate scaled back earlier package proposals.
“The middle ground we've reached creates more jobs than the original Senate bill and spends less than the original House bill,? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told Reuters.
Many members of congress are unhappy with the bill. Not a single Republican voted for the House version of the bill, yet Democrats were able to push it through even though 11 Democrats voted against it.
“You couldn't pick up one Republican in the House, and you lost 11 Democrats. You've lost more Democrats than you've picked up Republicans. That's not bipartisanship.? Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, told CNN.