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Texan Man who Died In Prison Exonerated

A Texan man who died in prison was cleared of all charges on Friday.
Timothy Cole was arrested for raping Texas Tech University student Michele Mallin in 1985. Cole died in 1999, at the age of 39, from asthma-related complications,the Associated Press reports.
DNA tests taken in 2008 connects the rape to Jerry Wayne Johnson, who is serving life in prison for other rape convictions.
“I am responsible,? Johnson told CNN, “I say I am truly sorry.?
Mallin had picked Cole's picture from a collection of possible subjects and she later picked him out of a physical lineup.
“I was positive,? she said, “I really thought it was him.?
However, the student had told police that the suspect was a smoker. Cole was an asthmatic.
According to his brother, Corey Session, Cole “was never a smoker? and that “he was the sacrificial lamb. To them, my brother was the Tech rapist, there was no backtracking.? (CNN)
Mallin told the AP that she felt guilty the wrong man had gone to jail, and she told Johnson that she was “going to try to forgive you, but it's going to take a long hard time. No woman deserves it. No person deserves what that man got. He could have been a father.?
Cole could have taken a lighter sentence by admitting guilt but he insisted on his innocence and was sentenced to 25 years in jail.
Corey Session, Cole's mother, says that she has nothing against Mallin.
“We don't blame Michele. She's very gracious.?