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Apple Valley Woman In Critical Condition After Hit and Run

An Apple Valley woman is in critical condition Sunday after being struck by an unidentified vehicle Friday night, the Associated Press reports.

Joan Le Vasseur, 26, is in a medically-induced coma after being struck while crossing Cedar Avenue at the intersection of 153rd street by an unidentified vehicle, described by witnesses as a tan van, SUV or large sedan. The driver of the vehicle has not yet come forward.

Le Vasseur, who is deaf, was rushed to Hennepin County Medical Center. Sgt. Joe Shaw of the Apple Valley Police Department told the Star Tribune that although several witnesses saw the crash, no one was able to identify the vehicle or a license plate number.

Le Vasseur’s mother, Patty Boever, could not believe someone could simply drive away from such an accident.

“We work hard all our lives to keep our children safe and someone just does this and drives away?" Boever told the Star Tribune. "This is insane. Don't people have a heart?"

Le Vasseur’s sister-in-law, Lori Le Vasseur, said that she suffered severe head trauma, including brain injuries, along with multiple fractures in her legs, pelvis and ribs. She also told the Star Tribune that her sister-in-law was engaged and had recently embarked on a goal to lose weight by walking more often.

"Joan was 26, responsible, and walked a lot. Everywhere," Lori LeVasseur said. "You wouldn't know she was deaf.”

Joan Le Vasseur’s step-father, Robert Boever, urged the driver of the vehicle to identify themselves.

“Accidents happen and we need to do the right thing. We're hoping someone responsible for this will come forward," Boever told the Star Tribune. “"There's a lot of broken hearts asking for someone to come forward. Please."