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St. Paul Man Forced To Rob Bank

A St. Paul man who robbed an in-store Maplewood bank said that three armed men who had robbed him of over $2,000 threatened to kill his children if he did not come up with more money, the Star Tribune reports.

James Matthew Hood, 25, was indicted Monday of robbing Guaranty Bank of $2,355 in the Rainbow Foods at 2501 White Bear A. N. on Feb. 10.

According to the Star Tribune, the indictment said that Hood walked through the grocery store at about 1 p.m., placed items in the shopping cart and then went into the bank. He gave the teller a note that said “I have a gun—you know what to do—100’s, 50’s, 20’s, no boobie traps or you will regret it.”

Hood said, “I have a gun; you have 10 seconds. Be quick.” The teller gave Hood cash, then Hood apologized, saying “They will kill my kids.” Hood then fled on foot.

Before Maplewood police could find and take Hood into custody, he called 911 from a home in St. Paul where his children were being cared for and surrendered.

Hood told the FBI that he robbed the bank at gunpoint because three unidentified men had pulled him over at gunpoint the previous day and robbed him of more than $2,000 but demanded $4,000 more. Hood said the robbers told him they knew where he lived and threatened to kill his children unless he came up with the money.

Hood told authorities he had kept the account of being robbed from his wife and law enforcement, and he had the $2,000 on him because he was going to the bank to work out a deal to pay off his car, according to an uncle, Chris Orr, of Rapid City, S.D.

Hood’s mother-in-law, Liz Kimmel, told the Star Tribune that he had never been in legal trouble.

“He’s just a devoted father, and he couldn’t love his wife and kids more,” Kimmel said.