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New Campaign Pledges a Dollar for Every Day Norm Coleman Remains in Senate Race

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a new group working to get certain candidates elected, has started a new protest campaign against Norm Coleman.

According to the New York Times, the movement, titled “Dollar A Day””, the campaign urges democrats to donate one dollar for every day that Norm Coleman refuses to withdraw from the Minnesota Senate Race.

The email, sent to the mailing lists of the Change Campaign and Howard Dean’s Democracy for America, urges voters to donate for every day Coleman “refuses to concede.”

“Think about how this Dollar A Day will change the game,” the e-mail message continues. “If thousands of people sign up, and Republicans up for re-election in 2010 see the progressives who are out to defeat them get an infusion of donations each day that Coleman is obstinate, what do you think will happen?”

In a response to the new campaign, Tom Erickson, a spokesman for Coleman, repeated the accusation that Al Franken owes money in back taxes and suggested that the campaign should pay for them.