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St. Thomas Freshman Missing

A St. Thomas freshman was reported missing early this morning after his cell phone conversation ended abruptly, the Star Tribune reports.

Dan Zamlen, 18, was last heard from around 3 a.m. Sunday. His friends told the Pioneer Press that he was headed home after a party and was walking on Mississippi River Boulevard, near St. Claire Avenue. Friends said they heard an exclamation, and then the phone went silent.

Zamlen, from Eveleth, Minn., was diabetic and had an insulin pump attached to his arm. Because of this, police suspect that he may need medical attention.

Zamlen’s family has come down to the St. Thomas campus while waiting for news. His mother, Sally Zamlen, said that there is evidence to suggest that Zamlen might have fallen into the river. She told the Star Tribune that his friends told her that they had just told him that they would come pick him up.

“Then they heard, 'Oh my God, oh my God,' so we think he fell," Sally Zamlen said.

So far, no broad police search has begun. Police Spokesman Pete Panos told the Star Tribune that police have no reason to suspect foul play and as an adult, Zamlen has the right to stay out of touch.

The family said that Zamlen’s phone was still accepting calls and messages until this morning, so it still works.

Zamlen’s sister, Andrea, 17, just wants the affair to be over.

"He's my big brother, and I just want him to come home," she said.