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UK Anti-Terrorism Officer Resigns

A leading member of Britain's anti-terrorism team resigned Thursday, a day after he was photographed with a document that disclosed sensitive information regarding an extensive counter-terror investigation, Reuters reports.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick resigned Thursday, a day after he was photographed with a document listing the names of a dozen suspected terrorists who were about to be arrested.

The gaff prompted British police to stage a highly unusual daytime raid on several locations, arresting 12 people. Reuters reports that 10 of the suspects were Pakistani nationals in Britain on student visas and one was a British citizen.

The document was titled “Briefing Note: Operation Pathway”, and was marked “secret.” The document described the operation and listed several of the suspects by name.
In a statement Thursday, Quick announced his resignation.

"I have today offered my resignation in the knowledge that my action could have compromised a major counterterrorism operation," Quick said in a statement, according to CNN. "I deeply regret the disruption caused to colleagues undertaking the operation and remain grateful for the way in which they adapted quickly and professionally to a revised time scale."