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U.S. Accused of Spying on China, Russia

Russian television accused the United States of spying on Russia and China after turning its last airbase in Central Asia into a state-of-the-art surveillance center, Reuters reports.

The base, located in Kyrgyzstan, was used to send supplies to U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Kyrgyzstan ordered the United States to close the base in February, after it had received a $2 billion stimulus package from Russia.

The accusation was aired on Rossiya television, widely regarded as the official station in Russia, and was shown just as U.S. and Kyrgz officials had resumed dialogue over the base’s future.

The documentary says that the base now spies on countries all over the world.

"This station can eavesdrop the whole world -- every fax, every e-mailed letter. Every call from a mobile or landline phone is being recorded and processed. Billions of messages are being intercepted”

U.S. officials called the claims ridiculous