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Plenty of pictures

Here's a picture of the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour where I'm living now. I think it's the largest fake banana in the world.


Here's a picture of my friend Olivia who's a teacher at the school I'm at. We're out at the Coffs Harbour hotel and club...Russell Crowe is known to hang here often.


Here's a picture of the kids at the school I'm at. They have morning assembly every morning.

Sawtell school3.JPG

Here's a picture of me, in front of the entire school and parents, teaching them an "american" funny camp-type song called la-tooshie-la-too. I felt like an idiot, but they all loved it.

Daynaat assembly1.JPG

Here's a picture of my kids, the principal, and the rest of the crowd doing the song and dance with me.



Looks like you are having lots of fun like you always do!!! I bet that school hasn't ever saw a girl like you...I'm sure they love you too! Keep the pictures coming...Miss you and talk to you soon!

-the only other "REDNECK GIRL" :)

Hey Dayna! I'm glad u are having a good time. and it sounds like u are having a lot of fun, and all the kids love you! i'm sure they think u are a little weird, just like i do. lol j/k... but nice pics and how are your armpits doing? lol well have fun!
P.S. the club is more dull without you.. :(

That's My Girl!!!! Love ya kiddo!


Yes, I am having lots of fun and yes, I am weird. It is nice to hear from you Jill, Michelle, and Mom. Teh kids all geta kick out of me and my accent especially. They ask me to say all of these words because they think it's so funny. Well, I'll be sure to keep the pictures coming. Miss you all.