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Surfers Paradise?

Well, this weekend I made it up to Surfers Paradise (it's very famous for its good surfing). There was the Quicksilver Pro (for men) and the Roxy Pro(for women) scheduled for last weekend. But, the weather was awful! It poured all day for three days straight. The surf was huge but very messy, so they had to cancel both of the tours. They even closed all the beaches on the coast near there. Needless to say, it was no paradise last weekend and I dragged a surf board up to the Gold Coast and couldn't even use it. But, there is a positive side. Because the surf was huge and really dangerous, I actually got to watch some guys do tow-in surfing. It was amazing and they were riding waves that are bigger than you could imagine. It was really cool to watch. The sea did finally begin to settle on Sunday and a few people paddled out and surfed on some messy waves. In all, it was an ok trip. All I did the whole weekend was walk around shops and eat. Surfers Paradise is really funny because it is a big tourist destination for Japanese people. There were thousands of them everywhere! All with their cameras and video cameras. They would be bussed into an area with shops, swarm in, and swarm back out. It was so funny to watch. I am going to be heading back up to the Gold Coast with a different family this coming weekend to go to Wet and Wild (water park). The weather is supposed to be a lot better for this weekend. All is well here in Australia. The weather has cleared up after ten straight days of rain, which caused flooding, and things are looking brighter!

Here's a picture of the teacher that I went to Surfers Paradise with. We're at a bar and grill where a one man band was playing( he was good!).


Here's a picture of this guy with a fake leather jacket dancing. He was the worst dancer I've ever seen! It was so funny to watch him. The guy in front of him is the one man band. He kept playing old Prince song. He found out O was from Minnesota and kept asking for Miss Minnesota to come and dance. It was so much fun!


This is a picture of people watching the tow in surfers on the huge waves.

tow-in surfers.JPG

Here's a picture of what these guys were surfing on.



Here's a picture over looking the city of Byron Bay. It's in between Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast. It's beautiful!! It's known as a town for backpackers and is a very popular town for young people. It's a little hippiish- reminded me of Duluth a lot. I am going to stay in Byron for three nights in April!