December 5, 2005

First try at a constraint..not so bad

I tried my first OuLiPo-type constraint entry tonight. It was interesting to see how my mind responded to this. It was honestly hard at first. I just stared blankely at my computer screen for a while. My brain was not used to this had been so used to following the "rules" of literature, that it almost mafunctioned when I introduced the constraint. But, after a few minutes and a few deep breathes, I just started to let my mind go. After I put together the first few sentances, it became somewhat easy to not comply with typical rules. I kind of liked it! I think that the more that I do this, and break the rules, the easier it will be to thin outside the boys and play around with more constraints.

Posted by groo0018 at December 5, 2005 11:01 PM