December 8, 2005

CRE8TVE with constraints

A fellow classmate brought in a book by Daniel Nussbaum titled "PL8SPK". The entire book is stories made using only personalized license plates from the state of California. It's actually quite amazing. Talk about someoen who is using an Oulipian type style of writing. Nussbaum clearly understands and appreciates the OuLiPo's ideas on creativity in writing, expanding when you applying constraints. It sounds weird but OuLiPo and many others, including myself, have realized that when you apply constraints to your writing, it's actually not a constraint. It opens up your mind to creativity.

This reminded me of a class period when I told the story of my childhod and my creative writing. I used to use this program call Reader Rabbit. This program would provide a story, but they left blanks in certain areas of the story and in certain sentences. They then allowed you as the user to fill in the blanks with whatever words you chose to. Well, I used to make some really weird and silly stories using this program. When my parents got a hold of some of these stories, they decided I wasn't using or taking the program seriously, so they didn't really allow me to use Reader Rabbit anymore. This led to the discussion in class about how often parents tell their kids "Oh that's too silly", or "that could never happen". I believe that this happens all too often, and that parents are taking away from children's want and ability to write creatively. This is probably why it's so hard for many adults to write creatively.

Posted by groo0018 at December 8, 2005 1:05 AM