December 15, 2005

Moving up

I decided to take on even bigger constraint with my movie line project. First, I tried using only movie lines from sports movies or movies containing sports, to make my paragraphs. I had a lot of fun with this, and found it to be quite easy after doing the previous constraints. I also found some interesting irony in what I was doing. I found that all of the movie lines from sports movies that I had choosen, actually had nothing to do with sports. When I put together the paragraph, there was not any mention of sports. It was kind of cool. Because this constraint was fairly easy, I decided to try and take a big step up. I decided to try and re-tell the three little pigs using only movie lines. This was not easy. I found myself staring at my computer for hours. I wondered why I chose this assignment. But, all it took was for me to find one quote that would work, and then the ball jsut started rolling from there. When I finished with the story, I took a moment to reflect back on my process. I realized that I had done something that I don't usually do when I set out to complete a project. I realized that after trying to put a story togeher with no luck for hours, I finally just let my mind go blank. It was when I did this, that I was abel to start putting the story togther. I realize that the freeing of the mind is a huge part of the OuliPp. It's not an easy task to do, but when you do it you are surprisingly creative. Things come much easier to you when you just let your thoughts freely flow in and out.

Posted by groo0018 at December 15, 2005 1:20 AM