September 24, 2005

It's not really it?

I found another fictional blog site for our class assignment. This guy comment son how much he enjoys fictional blogs, as well as has links to fictional blogs he likes. Some of them are indeed interesting, as well as a little weird. But hey, weird is what makes things interesting right? Here's the link.

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September 21, 2005

Futuristic Fiction

We had an assignment to find something fictional on the web. So, I went to google and typed in "fictional blog", and what to my surprise was the name I saw on the first listing.....non-other than Rob Wittig. So, here is a link to a fictional story that he created.

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September 20, 2005

The Great and Powerful Clarence

P1010862.JPG name is Clarence.
My owner is the lovely Dayna Groom.
I love treats, shredding up kleenex, passing gas, and eating the occasional dog turd that I find outside.
You may think I'm really cute, but you are wrong!
I am sometimes adorable,
but I enjoy spending most of my time being a pain in the ass.
I was mad at Dayna for not putting me on her blog earleir,
so I took it apon myself to put my own entry on her lame blog.

Ha ha...I amuse myself most of the time. This is my dog Clarence. I do not know how old he is because he is from the pound. He was severly abused and neglected by his previous owner. When I went to look at a different dog, they pushed Clarence (his name used to be Ballard) on me because if he didn't get adopted in 2 weeks, he'd be put to sleep. So..long story short. He's mine. He does do everything mentioned above, but I truly do love him.

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September 18, 2005

Because I have to

I have torelate someone else's blog to Jill Walker's site for our class, so I have decided to pick on Teri. Teri comments on her reaction to hurricane Katrina. She is going off of a entry in Jill Walker's site titled Collapse. Like myself, Teri and Jill both believe that Katrina could have been handled much better. They attribute some of that problem to the government, but a part that Teri did not talk about concerning Walker's entry, is the fact that the US believes that we're untouchable. We believe that nothing can do us harm, until something liek this comes along. don't we look stupid. Let mem tell you that I personally believe that Bush took excellent care of the situation in New Orleans. To prove it just scroll down and look at the picture of him hard at work to clean this mess up. Also thought I'd let you all know I'm stoked because I just looked at teh wave forecast and it looks liek there may be surf tomorrow. I'll try and take some pictures!

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Too much school. Not enough sleep

Well, the John Butler Trio concert I went to was AWESOME. It was probably one of the best copnerts I've been to. You should check out their website and listen to a few of their songs.
Also, I have to say that I am getting sick of school and it's only teh second week. I am crabby, and lazy when it comes to homework. I don't even know what I'll be like at the end of the semester when I go to sell my books and they offer me like $12. I'll probably take someone hostage. Anyways, I ready on Maddy's blog that she felt liike she took on too many things and is too busy. Well, on Jill Walker's site she mentions that there is a virtual calendar that has sense. Maybe Maddy can get her hands on this.


This is John Butler

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September 15, 2005

holy moly

I read this online today, and I couldn't believe it. Check this out:

By the sick friend will live to see another day. We went to the urgent care, and she indeed had food poisioning....ewwww. gross.

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September 14, 2005

What the BLEEP

For those of you who were wondering.....
Yes. This was a photo shopped picture I found on the internet.
Still pretty funny if you ask me.
as I slept last night,
I was haunted by the annoying sounds of the BLEEP test.
Yesterday morning I had to get up and run the BLEEPIN' Bleep test at 8am.
The bleep test consists of running back and forth between cones,
as you hear the damn bleep. Well.....
it seemed like 2 hours later,
my inner-tube is still jiggiling around,
as I am now sprinting back and forth because the bleeps are comming faster and faster.
Needless to say...
I will bleepin' never do it again.
Tonight I am going to go see the band
John Butler Trio, from Australia.
They're awesome, and it was only $15
for the show!. Stay tuned,
maybe I'll get drunk and blog when I get home tonight..hmmm.

By the way....
Clayton, Stay home and eat all the frickin' chips.

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September 13, 2005

The Ledgend of Stoney Point

I also thought I'd include you guys in my secret world of great lakes surfing. Up here there aren't many surfers, and we like it that way. We don't have to fight for waves. So, long story short....don't expect me to teach you how to surf..ha ha. Anyways, here is the site I'm constantly checking. It gives the weather and wave forecasts for Lake Superior. It also has pictures from days of good surf here in Duluth. Enjoy.

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Surfs Up

I found this blog written by a couple of brothers in San Diego. They pretty much just talk about surfing, but that's why I like it. Here it is:

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September 11, 2005

Afternoon Delight

It's Sunday night and I've had a really busy day. It consisted of sleeping, eating, blogging, talking on the phone, watching Anchorman (hence the afternoon'd know what i mean if you've seen the movie), eating, and sleeping. It was rough. For all of you out there who were wondering how Dayna's inner tube olympics went, I finished with a bronze medal for the women. I had a time of 11:43, which isn't too bad considering I was hung over, and had the worst cotton-mouth of my life because of it. All in all, I was victorious. I made a angel food cake today that is so good that I have already eaten half of it myself. It was for my boyfriend's b-day, but I haven't even given it to him yet, and I've somehow eaten most of it. Whoops. Anyways, While I was dinking around on the internet today I stumbled apon this hilarious picture. It may be offensive to some, but I laughed so hard that my dog, Clarence, was staring at me wondering why I was laughing by myself. Here it is. Laugh it up.


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citizen blog

here is an interesting blog that is from a dentist in iraq. they also have photo blogs.

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Big Giant Tampon Commercial

This blog had become somewhat of a myth, until now. Finally I got my hands on the blog that so many of Duluth's finest journalists have told me about. So, here it is the big giant tampon commercial. Enjoy!

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September 8, 2005

geared up for olympics

It's 12:47 am and I am pretty much drunk.....I love Mike's Berry drinks. I am currently tryig to find a partner to "PartnerStretch" em. I plan on running the i1 mile in under 6 minutes. The guns sounds at 8 am. I am currently watching a movie with GI Joes that become people. I wish that I was a GI Joe...or maybe a transformer. That would be cooler. I think this movie is called last action hero. I would recommend this movie, along with Teen Warewolf. Especillay when he surfs on the top of a car. AnywYS, I am going to continue to butterfly stretch, so I can set new world records.

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September 6, 2005



This is my hang-ten boyfriend, Axel. He is an incredible surfer!

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Here comes Big D


Here's Big D at her finest. Watch out......I run so fast you'll hardly be able to see me.

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Boot Camp

I believe that I have signed up for Boot Camp. As I entered my Sports Science for coaching class, I was greeted by a tiny little man who came up to about my waist, who began class by saying that he doesn't like fat, lazy coaches. As I looked down at the inner tube I've been slowly working on around my waist...I start to get a little scared. He said that we should be ready for extreme exertion on next Thursday's class. So, for a good time, head to Griggs Field on Thursday morning to see Dayna's inner tube olympics.

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