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In lab we are studying the reproduction and development of fruit flies, Drosophila melanogaster. For this, I observed the behavior of the mating rituals. I am very frustrated to report that since I was attempting to use unfamiliar technology and was required to convert what video footage I was able to get between various formats, as well as transfer the information between several computers, the data was corrupted in a way that has prevented me from opening or uploading the file on my computer.

Besides, I was only able to record about 5 of footage since it was difficult to correctly anesthetize the flies within overshooting and killing them, or at least making them so sluggish that they displayed no interest in each other. I observed a brief instance I had hoped to share in which one male and one female courted each other on the agar medium. The male displayed an interesting behavior; after approaching the female, he flapped hiss wings fiercely. Upon first documenting this, I thought the male was performing some display of strength or virility, but through text research I have learned that this is a method by which the male serenades the female. Apparently, the male can beat his wings in such a way that he will produce a series of pleasing tones for the virgin female to entice her to copulate. Sadly for this male, no copulation took place as the female curiously did not show interest.

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