Lab 1

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Lab 1 Photos
For this first week in lab, my classmates and I practiced using the Wild M5 dissecting scope and the Leica DMLB research cope to take picture of different slide of the embryos of organisms at different stages of development.
Photo 1:
The above photograph was taken at 10x magnification of the Leica DMLB research scope with a P2 dark filter. It shows the very early gastrula of an amphioxis (the slide title says gastrula, but it must be in the early stage of gastrulation since it has yet to fold in upon itself). We can see the vegetal half flattening at the bottom of the photo.

Photo 2:

The above photograph was taken at 5X magnification with no filters (bright field) on the Wild M5 dissecting scope. It shows a developing tunicate, with its stage of development unspecified by the slide title.

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