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Day 3: April 1, 2008

Another day, another class. It's April Fools Day, so I was hoping the fact that class was scheduled was a big kid, but, alas, t'was not to be.

But really, I don't mind, because I like this class. Really. (No seriously)

In all seriousness (for serious), I've taken some bad classes, and this isn't one of them, thank goodness, or I wouldn't bother showing up.

Today is Blade Runner Day (BRD). BRD is a special occasion that doesn't take place too often, but when it does, there's much rejoicing all round. Let me explain BRD: It's when...we... watch Blade Runner in class. Does that make sense? I thought so.

As usual, class starts promptly, and there's actually a good number of people here. A movie is a good way to get people in, methinks.

Anyway, this will be a short entry since I'm ... watching.... TV..... ..must..... watch.... TV.

*starts dribbling*


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