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Day 7: April 15, 2008


So, I wonder how Dr. Stern is feeling today. Hopefully not like an extra from House of a Thousand Corpses. Not that I've seen the movie. But my imagination is running rampant. Even if it's completely off.


Dr. Stern has walked in, and I can hear her chatting to other students. She sounds alive once more! Amazing what a weekend will do for you.


And class is in session!

Today, we talk about gender, identity and new media! Yes!!!! A dream come true. I'd like to thank my parents, my friends, my dog, and... and.... world peace!

Actually this is useful stuff. There's definitely a bias here in regard to women's identity (online, we're talking). Definitely an interesting discussion going on here, with regard to sexuality and online promiscuity. This is clearly a discussion that's close to Dr. Stern. Heck, she's written a book about it so it'd better be!

Sex, sex, sex. Interesting talk going on here. I keep hearing the word "slut" being bandied around to describe girls who post pictures of themselves in questionable poses to garner attention, and my hand is up to say, "No! Not necessarily slut!", but Dr. Stern has already called the point out. What is considered slutty to Americans (which, it seems, an opened box of cornflakes is a total brothel), is not necessarily slutty to other nations. Let's not forget you can watch people getting blown apart on TV, and that's A-OK! But show a boob? Gosh-run-for-the-hills! Ridiculous. Not that I have an opinion, of course. I'm glad this point was brought up. Now, I'm not condoning girls being exploited (if they ARE being exploited - by themselves or the media itself [the Internet]), but let's not forget we're all nude underneath our clothing. Is modeling slutty? Apparently not, since you're getting paid and are officially recognized. Uh huh. That's fair.

Ooh Dora T. Explorer. We're talking about representation here. I've always found this funny. Now Dora is a Latina I believe, but she's clearly forced into this persona. I wonder what percentage of the crew behind creating Dora are actually Latinos? Is it fair representation, or is it FORCED representation? On the other hand, does it help kids to realize there's more than Snow White out there? Other cultures DO exist!

Great discussion. Really enjoyed this class. Wheee!!


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