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After some thinking (and not to mention my instructor commenting on the exact issue I was concerned with), I have decided to use avoid using for my final project. While it truly needs some work, its does not have extensive content for me to work with. Therefore, I have decided I will use

When looking at the website, there are multiple issues that must be addressed. This website is slightly unique in its use of headings. The website over uses headings where new pages should be created or sections could be combined to provide more meaningful headings.

The text is not broken by any visual aids or other design choices, which makes the headings and bullet points even more overwhelming. Redish suggests using photos and graphics in order to evoke an emotion. This website is encouraging readers to pursue law, which it makes clear is a difficult field. A professional picture may encourage uses to remember their goals, not just the difficulties ahead of them.

When we look at the website links, they seem to be easily understood to users, but the order is interesting. The "appendix" page is presented in the middle of all the webpages. One would assume this would be somewhere at the end of the choices. May of these links to webpages could also be combined, such as "When and Where to Apply to Law School" and "Applying to Law School." When we look at the in-text links, they are overwhelmingly frequent. Therefore, it seems as if some links are repetitive.

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Hi Amy,

I think this site will work great for a revision. There are so many things to address, it's hard to know where to begin!

You touched on headings, photos, and links in your blog post here, and I agree with your suggestions. In terms of headings/links, I noticed that some headings on the page served as links, while others did not. I also noticed that the headings in the middle of the page seemed like traditional navigation links (e.g., "About Us") and could be better placed on the navigation bar. The right navigation bar is interesting also--there are so many buttons and they could probably be divided into larger categories with sub-categories underneath. I agree with you that some of the links seem repetitive.

As you work on a revision of this site, you might need to be selective. I would suggest focusing on the right nav bar (even moving it to left side or across the top tabs) and reorganizing the links that go in the nav bar--I think there is some information in the middle section of the page that could be on the nav bar. Well, in any case, you have a lot of great options for revision here! I think it will work well for the final assignment.

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