Sunday Feb. 26

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I am sorry I have been so busy with everything! Orientation Week has been crazy busy and I have been meeting a lot of people. Wednesday was the biggest day of O Week because all the groups and organisations on campus set up booths and give away free stuff. There were so many people on campus and it was a super hot day! It was at least over 100 degrees. (They do Celsius here so we just estimate.) The Tav is an on-campus pub and every Wednesday night they have music going on there for the students so we headed there for music and dancing. On Thursday, my buddy through the buddy exchange program took us to Hilary's Harbor where they have a small shopping center and MANY boats docked! After, we went to Kings Park which overlooks Perth. There are many hiking trails and information about the land, wildlife and city along the walks. It is really cool how they have such a beautiful park in the middle of a huge city. On Friday, we went to a shopping center with a couple of friends from campus. They don't say "mall" here so I got yelled at every time I said it. It is hard to sum everything up but I hope this gives you an idea of what I have been up to. I have been super busy getting ready for classes, trying to see attractions and meeting people!

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