Fri March 2

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First week of Uni is almost over! I didn't have any classes on Wednesday so I went shopping with a couple of my friends. Now that school has started things have been dying down and people are busy with going to classes and getting their classes situated. Thursday I had just one class so after I started reading for a class. It is still so hard to get into the hang of homework and studying. We had a welcome dinner for my group of flats last night and they had a ton food! Thankfully, because all the food here is so expensive! And the serving sizes are a lot smaller. One option of Kangaroo Curry but I passed on that one.. That was fun because I walked around with my flatmates and met other people that live near us. I had one class this morning and one left to go to. Then the weekend starts! The on-campus student organisation is called the Student Guild (similar to Kirby) and tonight they are hosting an event at the Tav, which is the on-campus pub. We are also celebrating a girl's birthday, too. She is actually from Minnesota but isn't here on exchange and plans on finishing out her major here. It is exciting meeting new people every day and getting to meet people in classes. First week isn't too exciting so sorry if this isn't much, but figured I would let you all know how I have been doing!

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