Friday, April 6

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Mary Kate, Pat and I flew from Perth to Brisbane, then Brisbane to Cairns over the night. I slept for most of the flight which made it go by very fast. We arrived at our hotel and got all of our plans figured out. We planned to visit the Kurunda which is a village set back in the rain forest. For our journey there we took a skyrail over the rain forest. This is the link that shows how we traveled. It was very beautiful and cool to see everything from so high up. We had great views in every direction and got to stop a couple of times to walk to look outs. When we arrived in the Kurunda we went on a walk through some of the trails they had in the rain forest. The village is pretty small but has a lot of options for tourists. We went to the markets and ate lunch. For our journey back we took the scenic railway. This route took us through the rain forest so we could see it from ground level. Here is the site for that. As we traveled they played a recording that went over how they built the railroad. It took many years because it was such a far distance and they had to blow up parts of the mountains in order to make tunnels for the railway to get through. It was originally made for the miners. That evening we walked around the city and got dinner. Wonderful day to start out the trip.

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