Monday, April 2

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Hello all! Just finished a very fun-filled, 3-day weekend! On Friday I went with Lyn to pick up Mary Kate (my sister) and her boyfriend Pat from the airport. We made plans to spend the night on Rottnest Island and needed to get on the ferry early so we went straight from the airport, picked up Kerryn and then to Fremantle where the ferry takes off from. Mary Kate, Pat, Kerryn and I arrived at Rottnest Island and got everything settled in. Rottnest "Rotto" is an island just west of Perth. It used to have a jail on it that housed Aboriginal men and boys but the jail was closed down and the island was turned into a vacation area. We rented bikes friday evening and biked around one of the small loops. The sun was setting so it was a really pretty view to watch the sunset over the ocean. Saturday morning we got up early and started biking. We biked from one end of the island to the other, which took about an hour and a half. Not much is on the island other than a few restaurants and housing areas. The rest of the island is pretty much left untouched and is filled with plant life. They don't want it to be commercialised and want to keep it how it naturally is. We sat on the beach for a while and swam a little bit. That afternoon we took the ferry back to Freo, got ready and headed to the Freo Dockers vs Geelong footy game. Footy is Australian Rules Football and is very different than American Football. They run with the ball, bounce the ball and can only pass the ball by either kicking it or "punching" the ball like one would underhand serve in volleyball (hold the ball in one hand and with the other hand in a fist punch it to another player). If they kick it between the two poles (like a field goal) they get 6 points. There are two outside poles and if they make it in either of those they get 1 point. The game was very exciting! We were really lucky we saw an intense game that was exciting right up until the end. I had a blast and really enjoyed footy. Sunday, I caught up on school work and then went to King's Park with Mary Kate, Pat and Lyn. They went there in the afternoon but wanted to have a look at the city at night. That evening we had dinner at Lyns. We had steak, lambchops, salad and watermelon. It was delicious!! Today (Monday) I showed MK and Pat around campus and then brought them with on my field trip for Australian Studies. For my class we met in Freo and had a tour about how Fremantle started and it's history. After, MK, Pat, Kerryn and I went to the Fremantle Prison and took a tour. We got to see the prison cells, the gun towers, the kitchen and eating area, the solidarity cells and even where they hanged the cellmates. It was very interesting but a little bit creepy. I am sorry if I have rushed through this but it is hard packing such an eventful weekend into a short post!

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