Saturday, April 7

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Today was a wonderful day. We spent it on the Great Barrier Reef! We woke up early and took a two hour long bus ride north to Douglas Port. From there we got on a cruise ship to travel out to the platform. The trip was about an hour and a half long. During the trip we learned all the rules for scuba diving and got familiar with how to do it. The platform had two levels and a lot of space for seating. Here is the link that shows the cruise ship and the platform. We were scheduled to scuba dive right away so once we arrived we got our gear and met our leader. We started out by practicing how to switch mouth pieces and get water out of our goggles underwater. Once we all learned that we slowly went down by holding onto ropes. Once we got to the bottom we started to swim around. It was amazing seeing all the cool plants and animals. We got to touch the inside of a giant clam and anemone. There was actually a Nemo fish in the anemone too! When you touch the anemone it sticks to your finger and doesn't let go until you pull your hand away. We swam around the bottom and saw heaps of plants and animals close up. This experience was definitely amazing and I would highly recommend it! After that we ate lunch and then went in a boat where you could walk to the bottom and sit on benches that had windows on both sides. That area was underwater so you could see everything underwater without getting wet. After that we went snorkeling. Some parts of the reef where we were at were so high that they were above water. That made it nice so we could see a lot of it close up while snorkeling. We made our way home on the cruise ship and then on the bus. When we arrived in Cairns we walked through the night markets and I got Red Bull flavoured ice cream! It was delicious! Today was one of my favourite parts of the trip and I absolutely loved it! Saw such amazing views and got to scuba dive for the first time!

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