Thursday, April 26

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I was planning on posting yesterday but got caught up with other work. Monday after I posted we went to the Perth Mint for my Australian Studies class. We took the train into the city and walked around beforehand. There was a cute little alley area that had heaps of shops and was built and designed to be like you were walking through London. The Perth Mint is the oldest continually-operating mint in Australia. We took a short tour to learn about the building and the stories of how gold was first found in Western Australia. They had the largest, heaviest and most valuable bullion coin in the world. It weighed one tonne of 99.99% pure gold and was 80 cms wide and more than 12cms deep! It was crazy! After we saw that we got to watch them pour gold. They started out by pouring it into a container that looked like a bread tin. As he poured it there were flames because it was so hot. It only took about 15 seconds to cool and then he flipped over the tin and it was already solid. After that he dipped it in water and then when he took it back out it was a gold bar. It was really amazing to see. He said the bar that he just made in front of us would be worth $300,000! Tuesday is my busy day at school so I had classes all day and then at night Kerryn and I went to Lyn's for dinner. Lyn used to work with all the study abroad students from UMD. I knew her pretty well through my sisters and when I got here we met up. She wanted Kerryn and I to have a home cooked meal so we went there for a lamb roast. Wednesday was a public holiday: ANZAC Day. It stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and is a day to honour the members. Lyn took us to King's Park for the dawn service that started at 6 am. They had a couple of speeches which were really nice. After we walked into the city for the parade. It consisted of a lot of men and women who served/serve in the army, navy etc and then some marching bands. Almost all of the shops in the city were closed so we headed back to campus and hung out there. Today I am trying to catch up on homework so I can enjoy my weekend. I have a lot of papers to write.. As I have said before, the classes are structured so differently. All of my assignments have been writing papers, whereas at UMD most of my classes involved number problems. Weather has been a bit cooler because winter is just around the corner. It's averaging around 75-80 lately but the sun is still pretty hot. The wind is just what makes it feel colder.

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