Thursday, April 5

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Hello everyone! It is a gloomy day in Perth today. It has been rainy the past few days but it has been nice to have some days to relax. I had a big project due today for Marketing. I started the first week of school and have had six weeks to work on.. It was pretty time consuming. It is such a relief being done with it. I also have a project due the Monday after break but finished and turned it in so I wouldn't have to worry about it over break. I used Tuesday and Wednesday to finish those projects and get caught up. My Easter break starts today! It is like the "spring break" of Australia. My sister, her boyfriend and I are leaving tonight to head over to Cairns on the east coast. It is located right on the Great Barrier Reef. After that we will head down to Sydney. I am very excited! It's so nice to have a week long break to travel. I won't be able to blog over my trip because I probably won't have internet so I will be sure to keep you all updated when I get back! Happy Easter :)

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