Tuesday, April 10

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Today we started out by walking the Harbour Bridge. There are options to walk up to the top and walk over it but we decided to just walk across it on the level where the cars drive. It offered great views of the city and of the harbour. We walked through Luna Park, which is a theme park right on the water. From there we took a ferry into Darling Harbour. There we walked through the fish markets and got fish and chips for lunch. The fish markets were very busy and had heaps of options of fish. Fish was just lied out everywhere.. It smelled terrible! Anyway, we walked along the waterfront and made our way toward the city. We saw the Chinese Gardens and then walked through Chinatown. Near Chinatown they have some markets that we walked around. We walked back to our hotel through the city and got to see all the shops and restaurants. It was very busy and people were everywhere! When we got back to our hotel we changed and then met right down the street for a tour of 'The Rocks.' They showed us some of the buildings where people used to live and some of the streets where the gangs hanged around. We learned about how people lived and the history of the area. We learned about the three pubs that all claimed they are in the oldest pub in Sydney. This tour was very interesting because it included a lot of information about how the city of Sydney started out. After, we decided to check out the pubs we had learned about. We went to one called the Waterloo, which had a pretty interesting history. They used to get men really drunk and drop them through a trap door. The men would fall into a pit in the basement and get knocked out. There was an underground tunnel that went from the basement to the water so the workers would carry the men through the tunnel and put them on ships. The next morning they would wake up on the ships and be put to work. This was how a lot of ships got men for their crew. The bartender took us down there and showed up the pit and the entrance to the tunnel. It was really creepy! While we were sitting at the pub we met three guys, one from Wisconsin, one from South Carolina and the other from Colorado. They were UPS delivery pilots and were staying in Sydney for a couple of days on work. We ended up talking with them for a while and then walked with them to another pub that had a rooftop view of the harbour. After that we went and checked out the other two pubs that claimed they were the oldest in Sydney. The area down by The Rocks is really cool because it has old buildings and information about what the area was like when Sydney started out. Today we learned a lot about the city of Sydney and got to see some amazing views!

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