Wednesday, April 11

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We had a more relaxed day today because it was kind of rainy. We walked through the Botanical Garden that goes right along the water. We walked through the Art Gallery of New South Wales and then made our way to the old government buildings. We saw some barracks that used to house the convicts that built most of the government buildings. We walked through The Mint which was where they used to make their currency. We saw the town hall and the old hospital. Then, we made our way into the city. We took a tour around the main part of the city but it included most of the things we had already seen. We went to Sydney Tower, which is the highest building in Sydney but we did not go to the top. In the heart of Sydney there are many shops so we walked around and browsed in those. We also got to see a lot of street performers. We headed back to the hotel and got ready for the evening. We ate at a restaurant that was right by the water in Circular Quay and then went to the Sydney Opera House to see a ballet. The ballet was called 'Infinity" and was held in the Opera Theatre. It wasn't one long ballet but three separate ones that were split up by intermissions. They were amazing! The inside was beautiful and so big. The performers were so talented and the music was just amazing. This was definitely one of my favourite things we did in Sydney.

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