Monday, May 21

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Last week of classes! But, let me scoot back to this past weekend. On Friday, I went to a BBQ with Dave and then that night went to his friend's house that lives in the city. He lives in a penthouse that is on the 24th floor of a building in the city so the views were beautiful!! Perth at night is so pretty. That night we went to a few pubs that I had never heard about and really enjoyed going to places that I would have never gone to if it wasn't for them. Saturday night our housing area had a masquerade rivercruise. Anybody could come so a group of about 20 of us made masks and then got all dressed up. We pretended it was like our "Aus Prom 2012." We took a bus into the city and got on a really nice boat. It had two levels, a bar, a dj and tons of food. After that we all came back to our flats and hung out. On Sunday I spent the day in Fremantle. Kerryn's boyfriend and his parents came to visit so Kerryn and I took them on the train to Fremantle to show them around. We walked around the markets, by the beach and ate at a really good seafood restaurant. On the way back we stopped at Cottesloe Beach, which is one of the more popular beaches, to watch the sunset. We had such nice weather so it was perfect temperature for watching the sunset over the ocean. Today I just had my last class of Australian Studies! Our teacher made us all sing the Australian National Anthem! Still a bit of homework to get done :/ but so weird I am almost done with classes!

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