Thursday, May 17

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Hello everyone! It is so weird to think that all my college friends at home are done with school and starting summer! Only one week of classes left and one final for me though! Can't believe how fast school went. On Monday, I started out by skyping my mom for Mother's Day (It was still Mother's Day in America). I got to talk with my mom, dad, brother, sister and her boyfriend. Made me wish I was home to celebrate and be with all of them. Later, we headed into the city for a tour of Northbridge for Australian Studies. Our tour guide was a man who used to live in Northbridge so he told a lot of personal stories that were interesting. That day was Daniel's actual birthday so we got dinner and ate outside. The weather was soo nice and the sun was hot! A bit of a change from all the rain. On Tuesday I had to give a presentation and then worked on my last few papers for the semester. On Wednesday I hung out with Dave, my older sister Laura's friend from when she was here. I got in contact with him and he said he would love to show me around. We drove east of the city out to a small town called York. We had lunch there and ate outside since there was such nice weather. Then he took me to an area called the zigzags that is really high up and has a beautiful view of the city. It was weird to see the city from so far away cause usually I am in the city looking out. We could see everything from up there. It's called the zigzags because a road goes down the hill back and forth. That night Dave took me to the drag races. Dave and his two friends have really nice cars and have done a lot of work to them. We went south of Perth to a track for drag racing. A ton of cars lined up and then when it was their turn, two cars would pull up to the line and wait for the green line. They were timed based on how long it took for them to start/release and then get to the finish line. We were there for about two hours and just watched constant races. Some of the cars were insane and all decked out. Today, I had have class this morning and am attempting homework.. Beautiful day out again so I might have to enjoy that before the rain comes again!

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