Why the "U"?

I guess you could say I owe it all to a friend. You see, I never planned on attending that college visit that day. The only reason I went was because a friend of mine said it would be a good way to get out of class; which it is. So when I showed up to meet the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) Rep I was expecting long, boring talks about why their campus was so great, and why it is the only choice for me; which I got. But what I learned from the visit was that the "U" isn't just one college. Originally I had thought that the "U" was just a big general college, it wasn't that hard to get into, and they really didn't have much to offer except "Big City Life". Well I liked the "Big City Life" idea, but not really anything else. After extended discussion with the Rep I found that the myth that the "U" is just one big general college was exactly that, a myth. Basically she told me the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) is capable of exceeding everyones needs. It's not one college, it's seven. That's just counting the undergraduate programs. It's not one campus, It's two. They have a Minneapolis and a St.Paul Campus. It's not all very easy to get into, they have "The Carlson School of Management". This is where my attention was peaked. She told me that The Carlson School of Management itself was extremely difficult to get into, also that it was one of the best business colleges' in the country (which was excellent, considering I was going into business). For the next 30 minutes she continued to hold my fascination well she told me all this incredible school had to ofter. I had never heard about this school before, and when I talked about it with my parents they hadn't either. Well this fall I'm going to the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities); I'm going to the Carlson School of Management. So I guess you can say, I owe it all to a friend.