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The lead for an article in The New York Times about Friday's shooting on the University of Alberta campus provides information relevant to the main line of the story, leaving out unnecessary details.

The lead rightfully includes the "what", stating that Canadian police are searching for someone and that three people were shot and killed with a fourth critically injured in a robbery attempt.

Also included is the "when". The shooting and robbery attempt was early in the morning and police searched on Friday afternoon.

The "where" is given, stating that the even took place in Edmonton, Alberta at a a university residence and student services center.

No names were given, though the victims and suspects were identified as being security company employees.

The types of injuries were not specified, as they are unimportant in comparison to other elements of this news story. The lead does include, however, that three of them died and the fourth is in critical condition.

The fact that this shooting took place on a university campus was not strongly emphasized, placing the detail of "university residence and student services center" towards the end of the lead and not stating on which university campus the shooting took place.

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Very nice job, Patty. Keep it up. G.G.

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