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The Irish Times covered Mohammed Morsi's inauguration speech, mixing quotes with background facts.

Quotes that were included are reflect Morsi's effort to inspire Egyptians and assure them that he will serve them respectfully. "I will look after the interests of the people and protect the independence of the nation and the safety of its territory," he said.

"I swear by God that I will sincerely protect the republican system and that I respect the constitution and the rule of law," Morsi said in his speech.

This article gave details of Morsi's attire, saying he wore a beard and an "open-necked shirt and suit", of the crowd who "cheered Mr. Morsi's arrival in the square", and women who wore waist-length "khemar" veils that are preferred by Morsi's wife. "Wild cheers from the crowd" was also used in setting the scene.

No comments from attendees were given.

Background information included when he will be officially sworn into office, details about the vote and that he "narrowly beat" his opponent, that he is the first freely elected president of Egypt, and the types of protests that occurred.

Most of the quotes are towards the beginning of the article, while a briefing of recent history is given towards the end, talking about the military's ruling power and the difficulties in place of keeping control of Egypt.

Morsi's election carries a large amount of other topics of debate with it, and the article focuses mainly on how Morsi plans to change the current state of the country and gain control over the army, and how he got to the position he is in today through Egypts' first free election.

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This week was multimedia. But no worries. Try to to push the entries until the last day or two.

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