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Beijing Flooding Kills At Least 20

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At least 20 people died this weekend in China due to record-breaking rainfall.

The Global Post reported 20 people were killed as a result of heavy rains in China, while The Wall Street Journal reports 37 people have died because of the downpour.

Almost 70,000 residents were displaced due to flooding, The Wall Street Journal said.

More than 18 inches of rain fell in the Hebei Township, washing out roads and cellphone and Internet services, the Global Post said, breaking a record set in 1951.

Thousands of Norwegians gathered at memorials on Sunday to commemorate the anniversary of the massacre that left 77 dead a year ago.

About 1,500 people went to Utoya Island, where gunman Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 people one year ago, while thousands more gathered at a memorial in Oslo, the Wall Street Journal said.

"The bomb and the shots were intended to change Norway. People responded by embracing our values. He failed, the people won," Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said to a crowd at the memorial in Oslo, Reuters reported.

Along with the shootings on Utoya Island, Breivik killed eight people with a bomb that went off outside parliament, Reuters reported.

"Very few people can go through a day without thinking of the events of July 22," said Vegard Groeslie Wennesland, who had escaped Breivik on Utoya Island by barricading himself in a cabin with about 50 others, Reuters said.

"You know, a person you miss, someone you were supposed to hang out with or seek advice from or anything like this. Or something that just reminds you of what happened."

Floods in Japan Force 400,000 to Evacuate, Kills 22

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Flooding and landslides on Friday in Japan caused 400,000 people to evacuate and killed at least 22, officials said to the BBC News.

On Japan's main southern island rain and bursting rivers caused flooding and landslides, forcing residents to evacuate, many of whom remain in evacuation centers, The Herald Sun said.

At least 5,000 people are stranded in the northwestern region of the island, where police are focusing their rescue efforts, due to washed-out bridges, the BBC said.

At least seven people were reported missing, the BBC said. Japan's Self-Defence Forces are searching for them.

Taliban Execute Afghan Woman For Adultery

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An Afghan woman was executed for adultery north of Kabul in a video released on Sunday.

The video, taken last month, shows her being shot repeatedly in the back with about a hundred male spectators shouting, "Long live Islam", "Long live mujahideen (holy warriors)," the Herald Sun said.

The Taliban denied involvement in the killing that reflects their past executions, but local authorities blame them directly, Reuters said.

In a statement the government said it "strongly condemns this un-Islamic and inhuman action by those professional killers and has ordered the Parwan police to find the culprits and bring them to justice", the Herald Sun said.

Flash floods in Russia killed at least 87 and left thousands homeless, officials said Sunday.

There have been 150 casualties of the Russian flood in the southern Krasnodar region as thousands more are without homes or electricity, The Guardian said.

The rain began overnight Friday in the region, officials said.

Locals told the Hindustan Times that ground floors of houses were flooded in minutes and that sidewalks and roads were destroyed. "It flooded people's ground floors in five to 10 minutes, ripped out sidewalk curbs and even pieces of asphalt," said Tatyana, a resident of Krymsk whose house is perched on a hill and was not affected by the floods.

"If we had been warned, people could have been saved," said Irina Loskutova, 50, one of many who told The Guardian that government officials didn't give enough warning or evacuation orders.

NAIROBI, Kenya -- Gunmen threw grenades and opened fire in two churches leaving 15 dead near Kenya's border with Somalia on Sunday, police officials said.

The attacks occurred in Garissa, a predominantly Muslim city, and were carried out by masked men who first shot the policemen guarding one of the churches before opening fire inside, said Philip Ndolo, the regional deputy police chief, to The Washington Post.

Police guarded the church because Somalia's Islamist militants have been targeting Christian churches, the Associated Press said.

Grenades were used in the second church, where one went off in the doorway, injuring three people, and the other failed to detonate, the Associated Press said.

The masked gunmen are suspected to be militants linked to al Qaeda from Somalia who have been coordinating similar attacks, The Washington Post said.

Japan Nuclear Reactor Restarted Despite Protests

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Japan turned on its first nuclear reactor over the weekend since last year's meltdown at the Fukushima power plant while protesters shouted "No to the restart".

The restart at Ohi, likely to be followed by other restarts in the nation, will help with power shortages and the economy, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda told Japan, as reported by The Washington Post.

Protesters blocked roads over night to prevent workers from entering the plant, though the reactivation was not effected by their efforts, Kansai Electric Power Co spokesman said to the BBC.

Demonstrators also gathered in front of Prime Minister Noda's home to protest the restart, not convinced by assurances of safety, the BBC said.

Organizers said that 200,000 people participated in the protest, the BBC said.

Mohamed Morsi of the Islamic Brotherhood won Egypt's first free presidential election on Sunday, holding just under 52 percent of the votes.

Celebrations broke out in Tahrir Square, the "heart of the revolution", after the announcement of Morsi's victory, The Washington Post said.

The announcement also marked an end to a week of tension as Egyptians waited to hear the results of their votes for Morsi or Ahmed Shafiq, Hosni Mubarak's former prime minister, The Star Tribune said.

"I am a president of all Egyptians," Morsi said on Egyptian television Sunday morning, adding that he will respect all international agreements, The Star Tribune said.

Morsi will have to joust with the military in order to get back presidential powers that they removed after the election, and form a cabinet which military generals will want leverage in, The Washington Post said.

"I will serve all Egypt. There will be no distinction between anybody," Morsi said in his victory speech. "National unity is the only way to get Egypt out of this difficult time."

Turkish Prison Fire Kills 13 Inmates

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Inmates in a Turkish prison set fire to mattresses and blankets, killing 13 prisoners.

The bedding was reportedly set on fire in protest of poor living conditions in the prison, The Guardian said.

The prison, in Sanliurfa province, has a capacity of 600 but is currently housing over 1,000 prisoners. The area of the prison where the fire started is meant for 12 inmates, but housed 18, 13 of whom were killed, The New York Times said.

The five inmates that survived were brought to the hospital for treatment of their smoke inhalation. They had "sought refuge" in a bathroom, The Guardian said.

A shooting at the University of Alberta on Friday left three security guards dead and one injured, and their co-worker is the suspected shooter.

The victims were G4S Cash Solutions employees who were servicing cash machines on campus after their co-worker, Travis Brandon Baumgartner, disappeared with one of the company's armored trucks, The New York Times said.

The shootings took place after midnight in a large residence hall that is partially a shopping mall on the university's campus, CBC News said.

Volunteers of a campus security program attempted to help the victims but did not have access to the locked service room where they lay, so they contacted campus security, CBC news said.

Baumgartner, 21, was a person of interest and is now a leading suspect. The Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. border security are searching for him along with Canadian police.

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