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Staircase removed from World Trade Center site

A staircase which is cherished by many 9/11 survivors was moved Sunday to enable construction crews to move forward with rebuilding the site, the New York Times reported .

Hundreds of people are thought to have used the stairs to escape from the Twin Towers before they fell, the Times reported.

The next phase of construction is Tower 2, a 1,278-foot-tall skyscraper, will now begin, with workers free to move around the site without damaging what some call a relic of 9/11, the Times reported. Tower 2 is one of the five towers being built at ground zero.

“You were pitting memory and preservation and loss and family against redevelopment and construction, as if you could have one or the other, but you couldn’t coexist,? Avi Schick, chairman of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, said to the Times. “What we proved is in fact they could coexist.?

Survivors of the 9/11 attacks began campaigning years ago in an effort to leave the staircase where it was, the Associated Press reported .

The staircase will be moved from its original spot, the Times reported, and it will eventually be reinstalled in the museum, alongside the steps and escalator that will be used by museum visitors.