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Two Minneapolis police officers asked to leave

A high-ranking police officer in Minneapolis and a North Side officer were relieved of duty while awaiting the results of a federal investigation, the Star Tribune reported .
One of the officers is Lt. Lee Edwards, who is one of the five black officers suing MPD over allegations of racial discrimination, the Star Tribune reported. The other is Mike Roberts, a 29-year member of the department.
While the Star Tribune reported Roberts allegedly received $200 for giving information to an undercover informant, the allegations against Edwards were unclear.
Edwards is part of a lawsuit against the police department saying there was retaliatory and discriminatory discipline handed down by Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan against officers who spoke up about racist practices of the department, Edwards' attorneys John Klassen and Andrew Muller, told the Pioneer Press.
Minneapolis City Council Member Ralph Remington told the Star Tribune he is deeply troubled by what happened.
"The timing is very peculiar," he said. "And it would beg a question of retaliation, especially considering there's a lawsuit pending from five black police officers and Edwards is one of them."