June 15, 2004

Simple Guidelines Ward Off Deadly Diseases

By Amanda Gardner
HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, June 15 (HealthDayNews) -- Three of the nation's leading health organizations have joined forces to release the first unified set of recommendations on how to avert the nation's deadliest diseases.

The guidelines are aimed at preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, and experts said that if they're followed carefully, people can lower their risk of getting these diseases by two-thirds.

The recommendations, announced Tuesday by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and the American Diabetes Association, are intended to make life simpler and healthier for all Americans. Lifestyle changes that lower the risk for one disease, for instance, could cut the risk for them all, they said.

Article: http://www.forbes.com/lifestyle/health/feeds/hscout/2004/06/15/hscout519548.html

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