September 21, 2005

Fall Updates

This semester is a change of pace for me. I'm only taking one class (Qual. with Paul) and I'm taking 10 of my Masters Thesis credits. Naturally that's taking up the bulk of my time. I'm studying how sexual behavior influences attitudes about marriage and cohabitation in college students. As far as assistantships I'm 25% TA for 1101 which has been extremely fun but a lot of work and 25% RA for Bill on the Healthy Marriage Resource Center. I've also continued my ties with Project READY out of BYU. I've been trying desperately to start getting some publications out the door and I've got two that I'm working on drafts for. One is with Jodi here on how desire to marry it related to risk behaviors in college students and another is a conceptual piece with Jason Carroll from BYU on looking at emerging adulthood through the conceptual lens of marriage (we're hoping this will be the first of a series of 3 or 4 articles using the Project READY data). I've also got two posters awaiting acceptance for a conference next Spring. If I ever find time Iím trying to put a fellowship application in to NIH and get a proposal together for teaching next summer.....oh yeah and my wife is having a baby any day now.

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September 5, 2005


Welcome back everyone! I'm starting us out with a request (no, not really ... more like a pleading) for help. If you are my friend or even sort of casually like me, read on . . .

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May 15, 2005

What a party!

Sorry for the previously HUGE version of this picture! Anyway, I can post other pictures from our latest party if you send me your pix...SB31.jpg

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April 21, 2005

Connections to 2005 Grad Student Cohort

Would you choose one person whom you would like to be connected with? Please create a comment and write the person's name. There are 12 people on Dr. Bauer's list (excluding 2 deferred), so one of us may choose two.

Here are the prospective students' names.
1. Andrews, Margaret
2. Kramer, Karen
3. Olsen, Laurelle
4. Peterson, Trenton
5. Plowman, Elizabeth
6. Roberts, Memory
7. Skinner, Brooke
8. Son, Seo Hee: Jaerim
9. Wilde, Jason Lee
10. Williams, Charlotte: Holli
11. Woodward-Kreitz, Mary
12. Zaloudek, Julie

I will start. I am willing to be an e-mail contact for "Seo Hee Son". Actually, I am already corresponding with her. I am going to help her settle down. I know that, for international students, the first a few months are difficult to survive in the U.S. without help.

Good luck with your final projects, exams, and papers!

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April 5, 2005


Congratulations Paul for receiving a prestigious fellowship. If you still read the board, please post what the fellowship is all about and stuff for us. Iím so proud of our cohort!

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March 16, 2005

Advisor & Dissertation decision-making

A colleague who has been in FSoS for awhile blogs here. Check out his latest post (which I perturbed out of him) on Helpful Hints. He lists two great books that give ideas for getting the most out of a doctorate program, how to choose an advisor, and how to prepare for/write a dissertation. He's got it all figured out! (Those dang smart cohorts!)

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March 2, 2005

The Effectiveness of African Ways

Hurray and thanks to Paul!!! I was (again) trying to find a way to grab some time with my frequently absent advisor, the Inimitable Doctor Doherty, while he was in a meeting with Brian. Then Paul suggested I try the traditional African way of rapping loudly on the door and pretending I didn't know anyone else was there (my usual modus operandi was to politely and quietly wait out of ear shot so I would not rudely disturb the conversation, hoping that I could jump in between the guest leaving and the next phone call/meeting/escape to Lori's). So I tried it, and it worked! Not only did it work, but Bill came looking for me upstairs when the meeting was over.

Any other new approaches you'd like to suggest, Paul?

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March 1, 2005

contact info.

hi everyone :) It has come to my attention that it would be helpful to have everyone's contact information in case we need to call someone in our cohort for some reason. I thought I would post this here because a) it is a secure site and b) all the info will be in one place instead of on various pieces of paper that could easily get lost. So I will start...if you need to contact me, the best way is by my cell phone which is 763-350-3690 or my work phone at 952-881-9883.

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February 17, 2005

What are your commitments?

I'm interested in knowing who is doing what academically, besides classwork...What's your assistantship and with whom doing what? What projects are you volunteering for? What research are you either volunteering for or assisting with? Or what other academic thing are you involved in? Are you volunteering somewhere with the hope of an assistantship or research data? What are your plans for the next semester? Are you part of any organizations and serving as officers of some capacity? I'd like to get a better sense of who is doing what. So...I'll start with me...

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How do you manage your time?

Since having a baby, I seem to have no time on my hands. Elbows deep in diapers, singing silly songs, and promoting sleep sessions (both his and mine) seems to leave me without studying time. I'm sure I'm not alone. Even if you don't have kids, I want to know how everybody manages to squeeze studying/research into their schedules. Do you plan out chunks of study time? Do you commit to stay at the school or library for a set amount of time? Do you shut the door at home and call a daily 3 hour timeout? OR WHAT????
What's your secret to managing your school commitment?

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