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November 25, 2004

Ideas for Extracurricular Activities?

Is anyone interested in a regular monthly restaurant run somewhere?

Posted by gschache at November 25, 2004 3:30 PM | Extracurricular Activities


I hope I'm doing this right. . .
I would really like to get together monthly! And I think that the next time should be right before classes start, and the occasion should be the baby shower for Greg and Tena. Anyone have any other thoughts?

Posted by: Mary at December 14, 2004 6:23 PM

I think it's a great idea to get together monthly too. I think something that would be helpful is to set up a regular time each month where we know we're doing our we can just plan it. Otherwise, I wonder if we'll just spend a ton of effort each month trying to figure out what works best for everyone. Of course it should be open for flexibility...change it when we need to. Going out to eat or going to an event or just alternating meeting at someone's home would be fun.

Posted by: Renee at December 1, 2004 3:33 PM

I'd like to have something where we get together regularly. I agree with Krisin in that I don't really care what it is. Maybe just have a get together/potluck once a month and rotate the host. Then whoever wants/can come will and it's not a big deal if people don't come to every single event.

Posted by: Brian at November 29, 2004 12:04 PM

I am interested in this or anything of this nature. I would really like our cohort to stay connected as much as possible. I don't want things to be an obligation, but I think it would be cool to at least create the opportunities to touch base and stuff.

Posted by: Kristin at November 27, 2004 2:20 PM