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February 17, 2005

What are your commitments?

I'm interested in knowing who is doing what academically, besides classwork...What's your assistantship and with whom doing what? What projects are you volunteering for? What research are you either volunteering for or assisting with? Or what other academic thing are you involved in? Are you volunteering somewhere with the hope of an assistantship or research data? What are your plans for the next semester? Are you part of any organizations and serving as officers of some capacity? I'd like to get a better sense of who is doing what. So...I'll start with me...

For me, I'm working a 50% assistantship in Student Services organizing the mentoring program, study/research abroad program and CHE scholarships. I also am mentoring with Dr. Tai Mendenhall. I am planning to apply for one of Hal's assistantships for next year and hoping to TA with Wayne in about a year (after taking PFF). I'm currently waiting to see if one of Bill's projects develops into a possible volunteer opportunity. I'm also joined Collab Fam Healthcare (CFHA) and I'm serving in the leadership team for the MFT Forums. And I'm creating blogs by the handfull...

What about you???

Posted by gschache at February 17, 2005 12:40 PM | Projects, Research and Assistantships


Okay: 25% TA w/Cynthia Meyers. 25% RA with Bill Doherty on the Family Formation Project. Unpaid RA (may get funded later) with Bill and Tai Mendenhall on the Hmong Depression Healthcare Initiative (both with Bill are tied into the Family and Democracy model). Clinic at Phalen Village Family Medicine Clinic, with Tai Mendenhall as my supervisor. Increasing number of unpaid hours doing Family Medicine Residency Education at Phalen and St. John's Hospital. Possible trip to Sri Lanka with Tai in May or later for trauma work. Phew!!!

Posted by: Mary at March 2, 2005 7:58 PM

Update for my previous post. I've had a talk with Wayne Caron and I'm going to be teaching a section of Intimate Relations next Fall.

Posted by: Brian at March 1, 2005 1:49 PM

I am doing a 50% RA with Dr. Bauer (Rural Families Speak project). This project has both qualitative and quantitative data, and I am working on a qualitative analysis regarding birthday celebrations for kids among those rural low-income families. I hope to publish on this. I am also taking a WebCT Vista training. This is a 40 hour non-credit course (unlike Kristin's course) at the digital media center. I am expecting to receive grant money for completing this training. Before coming here, I interviewed for a qualitative research project on kinship in Korea. I am planning on analyze the data during summer. Although I am more interested in qualitative methods, I am taking two quantitative courses (FSoS 8401 and Applied Multivariate Analysis). It seems that taking two methods courses in a semester is not a good idea. I expected a synergy effect, but now I am really missing "content" courses.

Posted by: Jaerim at February 21, 2005 10:50 PM

This semester I have a 25% assistantship being the TA for FSOS 2105 (Research Methods) with Wayne Caron. I also have a 25% assistantship with Bill Doherty working on the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center. Our group (project responsibilities are split among numerous universities around the country) is looking at CHMI (Community Healthy Marriage Initiatives) both tracking and documenting them. I'm also volunteering on Bill's other project (Family Formation Project). I'll be working with both of these projects through assistantships off and on throughout my stay here (Both are 5 year projects that just started). Additionally I am the site coordinator for Project READY (Researching Emerging Adults Developmental Years). This is a multi-site project (BYU, Loyola, UM) studying emerging adults (18-25). We're just completing data collection and recently presented some preliminary findings at a conference. In the next few months we will begin to pull some papers together for publication. Iíll probably be dovetailing these publications into my required writing here (thesis, critical, etc) We're looking to make a major impact in this new field in the next few years. Along those lines I'm going to be talking to Hal about a partnership since his next wave of data is in that age group. We haven't ironed out how exactly I'll be involved but Iím guessing it will be in where I do something for the project in order to pull some data out that Project READY can use. I'm also looking at being a TA for either Intimate Relations next year or the new 5000 level research class. Iíve also been serving as our cohort representative at Graduate Faculty Meetings.

Posted by: Brian at February 21, 2005 12:05 PM

This semester, I am doing a 25% TA with William Goodman's 2101 class and a 25% RA with Jodi Dworkin. Jodi's RA has me doing qualitative research (which is brand new for me) about parenting adolescents. I am also helping her develop WebCT modules for parents of first year college students. We are piloting one about alcohol use soon and we are creating one about finances concurrently. This led me to take a WebCT course through nursing and receive grant money for completing and applying the course information. I am also on the student advisory board for Hal's project (though we haven't really done anything yet). I too would like to apply for one of his upcoming assistantships. I volunteer at the Aurora Center, the center for sexual assault and DV on campus. And I recently joined a research project with the Institute of Child Development, Psychology, and Tubman Family Alliance studying mothers and children in homes with domestic violence. I am really hoping to use the data from this project for my future research. Finally, as you all know, I am the VP of MSCFR - hence the Welcome Weekend e-mail barrage. This position also places me on the board of MCFR as a student representative. I think that's about it. I could have easily left something out. I can't even keep it all straight sometimes.

Posted by: Kristin at February 18, 2005 9:06 AM