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January 2, 2005

Classes for Spring

Hey everybody! I was wondering who is taking what in the is always helpful to know who will be in your classes (it lessens my anxiety!) I hope you are all having a fabulous (and much deserved) winter break. Miss you!

Posted by htromble at 5:43 PM

Happy Happy New Year!!!

Hi, everyone!

Hope you are having a wonderful winter break. My husband was here for nine days and flew back to Korea yesterday. I am going to visit Vancouver to see my parents next week.

I have been so glad I am part of our cohort and thankful to all of you. I wish you a new year that holds in store everything you are wishing for. See you in spring semester.

Take care,


Posted by jalee at 5:16 PM

January 1, 2005

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I'm writing this from Seattle: May everyone have a wonderful Nw Year, and I send out nothing but the best wishes for all of us in this cohort. May we find our research voices, our passions, our committee members (!), and may we all have 100% funding!

With love,


Posted by mkellehe at 9:45 PM