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February 17, 2005

What are your commitments?

I'm interested in knowing who is doing what academically, besides classwork...What's your assistantship and with whom doing what? What projects are you volunteering for? What research are you either volunteering for or assisting with? Or what other academic thing are you involved in? Are you volunteering somewhere with the hope of an assistantship or research data? What are your plans for the next semester? Are you part of any organizations and serving as officers of some capacity? I'd like to get a better sense of who is doing what. So...I'll start with me...

For me, I'm working a 50% assistantship in Student Services organizing the mentoring program, study/research abroad program and CHE scholarships. I also am mentoring with Dr. Tai Mendenhall. I am planning to apply for one of Hal's assistantships for next year and hoping to TA with Wayne in about a year (after taking PFF). I'm currently waiting to see if one of Bill's projects develops into a possible volunteer opportunity. I'm also joined Collab Fam Healthcare (CFHA) and I'm serving in the leadership team for the MFT Forums. And I'm creating blogs by the handfull...

What about you???

Posted by gschache at 12:40 PM

How do you manage your time?

Since having a baby, I seem to have no time on my hands. Elbows deep in diapers, singing silly songs, and promoting sleep sessions (both his and mine) seems to leave me without studying time. I'm sure I'm not alone. Even if you don't have kids, I want to know how everybody manages to squeeze studying/research into their schedules. Do you plan out chunks of study time? Do you commit to stay at the school or library for a set amount of time? Do you shut the door at home and call a daily 3 hour timeout? OR WHAT????
What's your secret to managing your school commitment?

Posted by gschache at 12:32 PM