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April 21, 2005

Connections to 2005 Grad Student Cohort

Would you choose one person whom you would like to be connected with? Please create a comment and write the person's name. There are 12 people on Dr. Bauer's list (excluding 2 deferred), so one of us may choose two.

Here are the prospective students' names.
1. Andrews, Margaret
2. Kramer, Karen
3. Olsen, Laurelle
4. Peterson, Trenton
5. Plowman, Elizabeth
6. Roberts, Memory
7. Skinner, Brooke
8. Son, Seo Hee: Jaerim
9. Wilde, Jason Lee
10. Williams, Charlotte: Holli
11. Woodward-Kreitz, Mary
12. Zaloudek, Julie

I will start. I am willing to be an e-mail contact for "Seo Hee Son". Actually, I am already corresponding with her. I am going to help her settle down. I know that, for international students, the first a few months are difficult to survive in the U.S. without help.

Good luck with your final projects, exams, and papers!

Posted by jalee at 9:41 PM

April 5, 2005


Congratulations Paul for receiving a prestigious fellowship. If you still read the board, please post what the fellowship is all about and stuff for us. Im so proud of our cohort!

Posted by kschneid at 2:03 PM