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September 5, 2005


Welcome back everyone! I'm starting us out with a request (no, not really ... more like a pleading) for help. If you are my friend or even sort of casually like me, read on . . .

I opened my big mouth last year and offered to do a FSoS 8200 seminar. It's set for 9/21 from 10:40 - 11:30 (before the obligatory colloquium.

The topic is Integrating Family and Personal Life with Graduate School. I've heard from my secret grapevine that this is a particularly anxious and pressured cohort, where many of them are returning students with current jobs they will be working while pursuing their degrees.

I'm planning a panel discussion with a question time. I've begun to approach certain people who have characteristics that I think would be good for the panel (i.e., single parent, employed during program, spouse, etc.). But what I need from ALL OF YOU is your learned wisdom about surviving the first year.

Respond back with 1-3 hints on survival, balancing your life, or even flourishing in the FSoS graduate environment. Keep them short and sweet. I will compile them for a handout for the 2005-06 cohort. And if I get REALLY creative, I might do it on slick paper with your photo, so it is more personal (Please let me know when you write if you want to be anonymous -- I'll assume that if you don't say anything, it's okay to identify you).

Thanks so much, and let's get a party going soon.

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Category "Projects, Research and Assistantships"

February 17, 2005

What are your commitments?

I'm interested in knowing who is doing what academically, besides classwork...What's your assistantship and with whom doing what? What projects are you volunteering for? What research are you either volunteering for or assisting with? Or what other academic thing are you involved in? Are you volunteering somewhere with the hope of an assistantship or research data? What are your plans for the next semester? Are you part of any organizations and serving as officers of some capacity? I'd like to get a better sense of who is doing what. So...I'll start with me...

For me, I'm working a 50% assistantship in Student Services organizing the mentoring program, study/research abroad program and CHE scholarships. I also am mentoring with Dr. Tai Mendenhall. I am planning to apply for one of Hal's assistantships for next year and hoping to TA with Wayne in about a year (after taking PFF). I'm currently waiting to see if one of Bill's projects develops into a possible volunteer opportunity. I'm also joined Collab Fam Healthcare (CFHA) and I'm serving in the leadership team for the MFT Forums. And I'm creating blogs by the handfull...

What about you???

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