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March 16, 2005

Advisor & Dissertation decision-making

A colleague who has been in FSoS for awhile blogs here. Check out his latest post (which I perturbed out of him) on Helpful Hints. He lists two great books that give ideas for getting the most out of a doctorate program, how to choose an advisor, and how to prepare for/write a dissertation. He's got it all figured out! (Those dang smart cohorts!)

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Category "Research Preparations-WHO to work with?"

December 3, 2004


I thought it might be helpful to have dialogue on who we're thinking about for advisors and committee members and bounce ideas off each other. (I think it will be especially helpful to network for possible outside members.)

Very, very brief research track….something along the lines of tying links between marriage satisfaction and education via a virtue or “we-centered” approach and emerging adulthood development and behavior.

I already have an agreement with Bill Doherty that he'll be my advisor after this year (my intake advisor was Martha) and I'm debating for my next spot (only need one more person for my Master's committee) between Martha (quantitative/stats background), Hal (developmental background), or Jodi (college-aged behavior background) and then some mix of them for my doctoral committee. I have absolutely no idea who I'm going to have as outside people on my committee.

Anyway, hopefully this will open up some brainstorming.

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