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November 24, 2004

Provocative Quotes...

I found this quote in a book aimed at social workers called "The Call of Service" by Robert Coles (1993). I'm curious if this grabs anyone like it did me? (no preface, I'll just get to the guts):
p. 33 "As he shared his concerns with us, I remember what I used to hear from William Carlos Williams in a similar vein. He once talked of the 'zeal' with which we 'take to labels of all kinds.' He explained, 'We crave certainty; we love to put a period at the end of a sentence, and that is that. But take a look at people, a real close look, and you'll find inconsistencies and contradictions--and that's where a closer look is needed, not a category or a definition that tells you, that reassures you: all right, you've got it!"

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