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April 18, 2007

Academia's Culture of Criticism: Vicarious Relationship Impact

** How to balance the developing need to think critically about research and what others' have researched with an active affirming viewpoint that as equally discipline to identify "helpful intuitions" that research has contributed.

** The power of affective attunement to the person of the researcher as opposed to focusing primarily on the paper of the researcher. This is a postmodern sensibility that doesn't pretend to adopt a perspective of objectivity; instead, this heightens the awareness that one's critique always involve a personal researcher who has a context and background that should be considered in appropriate ways.

** How to integrate the person of the therapist into research academic environments and interpersonal relationships.

** Therapists have a parallel delimma in developing the skill of being "emotionally present" for clients, but then not transporting those same capacities of affective attunement into personal relationships. Is there an ethical mandate behind the onus to integrate one's emotional "skills" with one's interpersonal relationships?

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