Graduate education reform - Courses and programs in ECAS and PCAS

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July 1, 2010

Responsibility for reviewing and approving 8xxx-level courses, as well as certain 5xxx-level courses in several interdisciplinary graduate programs, has been relocated to the colleges effective July 1. See Recommendation 10 in the summary update on implementation of work-group recommendations sent by vice provost and dean Henning Schroeder on May 28.

Exempt from this immediate change are the pre-thesis credit (8666), thesis credit (8777 and 8888), and "full-time equivalent" (8333 and 8444) courses, which will remain unchanged until a revised policy is approved by the Senate Committee on Educational Policy.

Staff from the Graduate School, Academic Support Resources (ASR), and the Office of Information Technology will work to modify the Electronic Course Authorization System (ECAS) over the next 12 to 18 months, in concert with pending adjustments to PeopleSoft and the Program and Curriculum Approval System (PCAS). Until changes are made to ECAS, the Graduate School will approve all courses without review, taking the college-level approval as final.

A project team has begun early planning and analysis to modify PCAS to include all graduate, professional, and regent-approved certificate programs. Additional updates will be provided as work progresses.

Questions about 8xxx-level courses pending in ECAS can be directed to Vicki Field in the Graduate School. Questions about ECAS and PCAS modifications for graduate education can be directed to Frank Blalark in ASR.

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